>New Year’s Resolution

>What is the big deal about a New Year’s resolution? For one thing, it is a promise we humans make to ourselves that we will achieve something-whether it be weight loss, finding love, or just simply conquering our demons-presumably all by the end of the year. However, there are some of us [humans] that refrain from making a resolution and maybe it is because we know that we will never achieve the goal we set for ourselves or maybe it is because if there is no perceived pressure hanging over our heads then we will be able to concentrate on a few things that we want to accomplish this year and actually do so. I for one have been a part of both crowds but for right now I am simply stating that my resolution will be to write as often as I can [hopefully somewhere along the way, I will be able to really spark my creative juices and finally write that story that I am destined to write] or possibly sprain a finger trying. So, you may be asking why the long wait before writing another post? My answer is that I have been journaling and I did start on December 6th – Mommy’s birthday- and so far I am doing just fine, thank you. I do not write consecutively every day but I do strive to journal at least twice a week. In the meantime, I am reading all that I can get my hands on in the hopes of sparking that elusive creativity. At the moment I am reading my favourite mystery writer, Elizabeth George’s A Place of Hiding. I already have my next book lined up – The Chronicles of Narnia (yes all seven books in one).


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