>A Nice Day

>Yesterday was a nice day. I spent it with my step mother or should I say ex-step mother (if there is such a thing) since she and my father are divorced. Doesn’t really matter to me since I consider some titles as trivial. I should have spent the day writing but I felt it was necessary to give an aging woman some of my time (though seeing her you’d never think she would be turning sixty in a couple of days) since neither of her biological daughters want to be bothered with her – sad, isn’t it? Ironically, in the past it was a fifty-fifty chance that we saw eye to eye but now that I am on officially on my own (twenty years now), we get along almost like two peas in a pod. Alright you caught me, I am trying to demolish my use of irresitably bad cliches and I hope it’s getting better. Though if the cliches pop up now and then I hope you’ll stick with me and not get too annoyed. Darn you’re good to notice that I’m also trying to rid myself of those pesky quotation marks in almost every other word. I myself find it frightfully annoying but for the life of me I either cannot fathom why I resort to them or maybe my sub-conscious is fighting back and I am unaware of the battle. It figures since I am rarely present at all the good parts of my brain’s fantastic vocabulary decisions. Mmmm, must make a mental note to attend.

Ooh, I bought a Forgotten English desktop calendar (yes I told myself that I wanted to get back in touch with ‘proper’ old time British english) and though a small part of me thought it would be corny I find that I am enjoying the tidbits of information supplied on each page. Of course I am saving the previous pages because I have told myself that I am going to use those words in my writing, so here goes. Belly-bender is floating peices of ice, or weak ice, which bend under one as he passes from one cake to another. Boys take great pleasure in this precarious amusement. A shumpgullion is a glutton. Cute, right? I thought so. So I’ve got my hands on the latest Writer’s Digest magazine and I am trying to take my time reading it but no luck since I’ve just read the last page. Darn, I was seriously attempting to totally absorb all the information without having to re-read it again. Ah well, now what fun would it be if I didn’t read it again though this time I’m getting ahead of myself and will have a pen and pad handy to jot things down when I read it again. Now, that does sound like someone trying to absorb does it not?


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