>Feeling Down

>16 May 2005 by chelle (recovered post)
Well finally I get a break from working non-stop since I went back to work. This past weekend we went to the Morikami Museum and it was the most fun I have had in a very long time. The gardens were beautiful and the views breathtaking and of course I took my new camera and lots of pictures. I just wished though that Mommy was here with me so that I could have shared this experience with her. I miss her terribly. I am feeling a bit down when I think about losing her.

Great, I developed my pictures only to find that not a single one was properly taken in the first place. What a bummer. I guess I could look at this as good fortune since I do want to go back to the museum anyway. Pappi was sweet about the whole thing and he tried to lift my spirits so the least I can do is not be so glum, right? Yea I know, get over it but it is still a bummer.


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