>First Day Home from Hospital

>19 Feb 2005 by chelle (recovered post)
Whew, let me tell you staples hurt like the dickens and that’s what I am going thru now but Doc says that I must have them in six days before they can be taken out so it will be tuesday before I can take them out. When I woke up from surgery Pappi tells me that I continually complained about feeling nauseous and ready to throw up and I kept waking and sleeping the whole first day. I know that when I finally awoke properly, I had pain all over. Pain in my lower back from lying down so long and pain in my stomach from the staples. I called in the nurse and asked her for something for the pain and she had the nerve to suggest that I start walking up and down the corridor which will help to relieve the pain I feel especially in my back. Well no doubt I had to take her up on the offer of walking the corridor and though it was like going a mile a minute, I started to feel somewhat a ease of pain from my back. Throughout my stay in the hospital, I frequently walked the corridor because I was trying to help myself get stronger (and there was no one to do that for me) and to eas the pain in my lower back. I had no idea that lying in a hospital bed for any length of time would play such havoc on one’s back.

There is absolutely no way I can even attempt to get in my own bed so I have been regulated to the sofa (thank goodness for the chaise part of the sofa) by Pappi who seems to be more terrified than I am. I find that I had better get used to sleeping on my back since I will be doing that for about six weeks. At least the sofa is soft and plush and my back doesn’t hurt at all. Oh and I must have every conceviable pillow in the house because I have to sleep in a half sitting half lying position. It is sheer madness when I have to get up to go to the lavatory and it seems like my bladder fills up the minute I think of drinking anything. There had got to be a better way.


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