>The End of an Era

>Today is the final day working at my job but come Monday I will have a new job to go to. I am looking forward to the change and having my weekends to myself once again. And I will finally be off my feet! I have been doing better since Mommy passed away. Gosh I cannot believe it has already been almost two years since her passing. I still miss her terribly. I had a dream about her though and that has helped me to put everything into perspective and to mourn her. In the dream she was in the hospital and I went to see her. She smiled at me and hugged me and repeated my name over and over until I cried and woke up. Since then, I have been at ease because that dream told me that she was not upset with me – she smiled at me. I have not been so overly worried or emotional ever since. I am absolutely glad I had that dream. Sorry, gotta catch my CSI.


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