>2007 what a year!

>Well it’s that time of year again, Christmas, when I reflect on what a difference a year has made on me and my surroundings. When I last wrote I was looking forward to starting a new job. Well, suffice it to say that I am still in my new job (one year later) and loving evey minute of it. My division just had a christmas party and it was a blast. Though my other half had to be at work, he gave me his blessing to go and have a good time at the party and that is just what I did, I danced the night away.

I still miss Mommy very much but I am dealing with the pain of losing her much better than I was before. I am praying for 2008 to be the year that more good things happen for me. I know that my prayers to the heavenly Father will activate my blessings and all I have to do is believe and do my part and let God do his. All things will happen as they should.

Thanksgiving was wonderful and though we didn’t have much, in the end much was provided, more that we could handle and I am ever so thankful. I have made wonderful connections and good friends this year and I hope to continue to do the same in 2008. Have a very merry christmas and a prosperous new year one and all and I will see you next year. Namaste!


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