>Another Christmas has come and gone

My dog Yuki enjoys every holiday but I believe Christmas is his favourite since he gets to inspect all the gifts first giving his approval for us to accept them. Soon he will be two years old but you wouldn’t know it by the way he behaves. He is still very loving and patient and my constant companion who seldom leaves my side. Since I cook for him quite often, I thought it best to buy a book on cooking for your dog this christmas so that I can give him something different on christmas day. Do dogs really know the difference in their meals? I am quite sure that Yuki does since he has a preference of what he will and won’t eat. Sometimes I have to wonder who is the master but I love him dearly and am delighted to see him everyday. My husband swears that Yuki has me well trained but ah who cares I am just glad to have him here.

Well, Christmas has come and gone and strangely I have this nagging feeling that things are going to change for the better come 2008. I have decided to not make the usual resolutions instead I will be on a quest to find a way to make more money for my family so that we can stop the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck. I know that most Americans are doing just that and it is definately better than being completely broke but I believe that it is high time this cycle gets broken and I believe the only way to accomplish that is for me to keep trying. I will start the process by taking a more in-depth look at my given talents to see which one has the potential of getting me there. I know that prayer and faith is the other way to accomplish this goal so I will continue to do just that.

This Christmas was a quiet one and of course I got the decorating bug on Christmas Eve and even though I decorated lightly, everyone liked it. This Christmas though, I got my other wish, a cell phone – finally! I know I am looking forward to whatever this new year brings and I have a feeling that it will be filled with good things. I hope yours will be too!



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