>Happy New Year!!

>Yipee! The new year has begun and I am looking forward to all things good or bad this year. I started off on a fine note (sarcasm inserted here), I injured my back quite badly because I have severe pain when I try to stand from a sitting position and walk. My hubby is nursing me back to health since I have to go to work tomorrow. It wouldn’t look good for me to miss work since I was off so much over the holidays. I popped enough codene pills to get me through and I am beginning to feel much better after the first round of codene pills and some sleep. I might just be able to go to work tomorrow without much pain. Ah well, my closet life as a clutz does rear its ugly head every now and then.

I am pondering what kind of business to start but alas I have not come up with a single idea as of yet. Maybe I could start by listing all the things I know how to do, love to do, and want to do. That’s a start I guess. Does anyone else go through this to start a business?? It is absolutely driving me crazy but I will not give up! Anyway, off to bed I must go to get my beauty rest for tomorrow.



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