>Introductions are in order

Let me introduce myself. I am Yuki, maltese and pampered pooch extraordinaire. It took some time to work on both my owners and now I think I have her where I want her and him I am still working on. Every now and then though, I have to watch out for her relapse while trying to play him on the sly. In the meantime, I allow her to think that she is in charge. I love them both because they do take such good care of me. Some time ago, something wonderfun happened: my food content suddenly changed for the better. I was privy to scrumptious home cooked meals of lamb, beef or chicken with either mashed potaotes, brown rice, green peas, and carrots, mmmmmm. I know I am a picky eater but some things I just will not have such as that nasty dry stuff they continually put in my dish thinking I won’t notice the difference, ha! Next door to me lives the charming Hope, a fancy Chihuahua. She is a good play mate for when I want to run around and let off some steam. I have my own big, round, fluffy bed that I sleep in next to my owners. I have my own blanket, a stuffed toy dog and few squeaky toys that I play with. I prefer to be outside but the grass tickles my nose. My favourite is when I am in the truck with my owner and I have the entire back seat to myself. I do like my photo taken but sometimes it is a bit much. No real complaints here though for there is so much more that is done for me. Ah yes, this is the life of a pampered pooch!


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