>What will become of this world if we continue this way?

>I know I am going to catch hell for this post but someone has to stand up for the few decent human beings we have left. I want to know when did we as a society become so touchy about the smallest things? I was checking out the Journalism Jobs online site today and there were two headlines that caught my eye. One was the headline about the editor at Golfweek magazine that got fired for putting a noose on the cover of the magazine. What?! Are you kidding me! Then there was another headline about the L.A. Times editor who lost his job for refusing to lay off employees. What the heck is going on here? When did we become so touchy feely and why are we unnecessarily trying to still the voice of good, conscientious people all around us. As one commenter JDSBC98 so eloquently put it (on the Golfweek website) “This is absurd. There is no topic so controversial that it cannot be debated; there is no word so inflammatory that it cannot be uttered and there is no symbol so revolting that it cannot be displayed. This is what we sign up for as Americans. We don’t further intelligent dialogue by vanquishing words or images to a version of Siberia where they are never seen or heard from again. This is not how we work through society’s problems; past and present. We don’t “heal” by firing editors, handing out two week suspensions, etc.
I would rather have a debate with Archie Bunker than an American living in 2008, at least Archie told you where he was coming from, 2008 America tells you want he thinks you want to hear while festering bigotry deep in his mind.”
I am also in agreement somewhat with commenter ICM310 who said, “there are other ways to create a forum for intelligent dialogue”, that’s fine, but how do you start an intelligent dialogue with obvious closed minded people. I am quite sure that an intelligent dialogue can be started and discussed on just about any picture or comment one could take or make. In the meantime, all I can do is shake my head in bewilderment at the state of affairs we are living in now; it is just unbelievable. It is time we stop being offended and start a true dialogue to come to terms with all our angst and once and for all find a peaceful way in which we can at least agree to disagree.



One response to “>What will become of this world if we continue this way?

  1. Preach it, my sista! People are way too sensitive these days and we are jumping through firey hoops for them! I say thin-skinned people need to go live in the desert somewhere for a while! Let the wildlife deal with ’em & leave us mature folk in peace!

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