>Choices – What a concept?

>I have always enjoyed being able to make choices in all that I do so why would anyone, given the opportunity, NOT want to make choices for themselves? Be it a simple or complicated choice, the bottom line is that it is yours and yours only to make. I for one cannot imagine my life without being able to make choices of my own. So I ask all of you, is it so bad to give someone a chance to make a choice?

My friend and I had a disagreement about food choices. The question is, what is wrong with being given the chance to make a choice about something as simple as breakfast? Yeah you heard right, breakfast. Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t subscribe to anything that says that only certain foods are for breakfast, lunch or dinner; I go with how I feel that day. If I feel like having chicken and rice for breakfast, then I do so and if I don’t well I do that too. Asking someone what they want for breakfast should not turn into a monumental MGM production. The question is simple and so is the answer. If I happen to walk into the kitchen and you are in mid preparation of breakfast I might ask to add or subtract something, that incidentally is my choice too. Now whether or not I have to add or subtract what I want myself is also another matter.

Throughout time, humans the world over, share one fundamental thing – the ability to make choices for themselves. Let’s exercise that right in any and everything we do.



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