>On a quest to increase my vocabulary

>I have been looking for a way to increase my vocabulary and found a game called Scrabulous. I have got to say that this is indeed a good find and a good game to play. My opponents are all over the world and it is quite nice for me to use and watch words being used that I have never seen before. In the past 8 years my Oxford dictionary has not gotten this much use. I do find it a joy to learn new words but I don’t know how much I will be able to use them in everyday language.

I still use my British English since it is what I was taught and what I have used everday (until I moved to the US and began to loose some of it). My use of British English is one of those things I will hold on to for dear life since IMHO it is the correct form of the English Language. I am one of those who buy the calendars that introduces you to English Language of the past and the meaning of the words. Since I do love to write I figure that is also another great way to increase my vocabulary.

Another way for me to keep up with a language that I love was to play Scrabulous in French. This one is truly an eye opener. I have been teaching myself the french language for years and since I have no one to converse with in French, I find that I will try to use any and all means to improve my use of the language with the hope that at least one part of my brain will realise that there is no choice and eventually adapt to French. Whether it is learning a new language, keeping up with history, learning about a new country or just improving what you already know, I say, use all that is available to you and allow yourself to get better in whatever you do.



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