>Girls and Competition, do they mix?

>Like most people, I watched “America’s Next Top Model” but I was immediately taken aback by the inappropriate timing of the question Marvita asked Fatima regarding the disclosure of her traumatic childhood experience. Now let me just clarify, while I DO understand the question, I believe that a question like that, if asked, should only be asked in the privacy of a one-on-one conversation and begs to be asked in a more appropriate manner that does not come across as judgmental or scathing in any way. From watching the show, it is clear that neither Tyra nor any other members of the panel had any knowledge of the girls’ backstage shenanigans as each girl it seems, presents another side of themselves whenever they were in front of the judges.

Lately, it seems to have become the norm that whenever girls are in competitions with each other they try their hardest to hurt, insult and even sully each others reputation? Why is that? Is it that girls have become a nation of shallow, selfish and self absorbing individuals that believe that the only way to get to the top or win something is to trod as hard as they can on their opponent no matter the cost? It is high time young girls even women on a whole begin to get themselves out of the gutter and learn the art of COMPETITION. In the dictionary, the word competition means ‘a test of skill.’ For those of you who are not sure what a competitive skill is, here is a list of things that are definitely NOT competitive skills:

1. It is not a skill to see how quickly you can connive your way to the top
2. It is not a skill if you can sleep your way to the top
3. It is not a skill if you can spread hurtful or harmful rumors and lies about your opponents.

I think girls can learn a thing or two about how to have a health competition by watching how boys compete. Yes I said it! When boys are in competition with each other, they try to prove themselves based on what the competition is about they don’t try to ruin the other contestant’s reputation in any unnecessary way.

Take a look at our very own two Democratic competitors. They do what they are there to do – compete. They state their case, show what they consider to be their opponent’s weaknesses, but in the end they are civil to one another and they compete fairly.

Competition in anything is a game of matching wits. A competitor, who successfully outsmarts their opponents, wins the competition. Let us all try to outsmart our competitors fairly.



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