>Going Back to School…Will it be worth it?

>After much soul searching, pouting, child-like behaviour, some in, but mostly out of this world rationalisations and finally seeing the lightbulb turned on in the part of my brain that actually functions, I have at last decided to go back to school. Since I am a photographer, I though it was only practical that I studied something that would incorporate my photographs and I found Graphic Design. Hurray for me!(insert whistles and whoops here). As usual the researcher in me kicked in and I soon found myself on a quest to find the best school that could fit into my already hectic lifestyle (if you call taking care of one dog and a fiance hectic).

I researched all the Vocational or as they now call them Technical schools, and found that though the courses they offered are exceptional, I would have to pay for the whole kit and kaboodle out of pocket. That would not be so bad if I did not have bills that were seriously hunting me down at every turn. I also researched the Art Institute and found what I believe is a wonderful Diploma program that not only can I get financial aid to help me afford it, but the hours of the classes works with my hectic lifestyle (insert smirk here) and the entire course takes approximately one year with full-time attendance or eighteen months with part-time attendance. How nice for me.

So, today I decided to dedicate myself to one final research blast. I attended the 8:30am open house at the Technical school and took the required entrance test (yes that’s what I said and I am no spring chicken mind you) and then after finding out that all financial aid except financial aid loans were accepted there, I went to the Art Institute and completed the application process and even registered for two classes. I am so proud of myself I can’t stop patting myself on the back (might need a hot pack later). After the research blast was over, I realized that I was out of the house for almost a full eight hours. Whew!

I even found time to squeeze in a stop at the local Humane Society to see if there were any dogs I could find to be Yuki’s companion. Surprise, I found three but one is on hold for adoption by someone else. I am keeping my fingers crossed that by some lucky charm I get her because she is a maltese just like Yuki. As usual my heart was breaking as I looked into all the pleading faces of the dogs just begging to be adopted. I swear if I lived on acres of land I would adopt them all and allow them to roam free. I absolutely hate cages for dogs. Yes I know that at times it might be necessary to cage the dog but not 24 hours. I never cage Yuki and I have had no problems. I make the time for him and between hubby and I, we teach him the right way. Of course he has his disobedient moments where he feels that he should roll the tissue all over the house but we just simply give him a stern talking to and close the door to any room that we don’t want him in and believe me he gets the message. Anyhoo, now I am off for some well deserved relaxation with Yuki and we are going to watch Top Model (yes, that is what I said) :).



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