>Back to School Indeed

>A decision was made for me that was different from my last post. At last press time, I had decided that I would go for it and go to the Art Institute well that didn’t go as planned. My financial aid would not have even covered one semeter and I had no way of paying for so much out of pocket so I took the road less traveled and went to Sheridan Technical. I could not have done anything better.

I am now enrolled into a full online Web Design class and once that is finished, I am planning on continuing on to the next phase and get the graphic design part as well. So far the class is going well and I am learning all that it takes to TRULY do a proper website. I know that this course is helping since I am already getting ideas for my own website once I have finished the program. I am still proud of myself because I didn’t give up when the wall was in front of me, I simply scaled the wall and continued on. Yeah me!


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