>Returning to the Fitness lifestyle

>I have been thinking long and hard about returning to the fitness lifestyle. For one reason or another I keep taking a detour once I am on the fitness track and though I know it is not the best way, I keep making excuses. So who am I kidding, right! As if I didn’t already know the answer to that one.

The first thing I did (as I always seem to do) is buy a fitness magazine. I bought SHAPE. It seemed as if each article advertised on the cover was speaking to me. The first article title I saw was FIRM UP ALL YOUR TROUBLE ZONES. Well I don’t have to say but I have one or two BIG trouble spots so that was one check in the buy magazine column. The next article title was IS YOUR OFFICE A HEALTH HAZARD? What, who told you? Where are your spies? It is as if they can read my mind from afar. Now I have to look around for the office bugs, hmmmm. Of course there was also BANISH UPPER-ARM JIGGLE, FIXES FOR STUBBORN CELLULITE, WALK OFF 10 POUNDS and the one that cinched the buy magazine deal, GET ALL-DAY ENERGY.

That first decision I realized was the easiest thing that I would ever do in this battle to get back into the fitness lifestyle and stay there. My next trial would be getting up the nerve to go workout in either the gym at work or go to the lunchtime exercise class. Well, you guessed it, I was way too tired to get up at 5am so I opted to go to the lunchtime exercise class. Of course I had to insert my foot deep in my mouth and email the teacher to ask her about a boot camp class. Well she sure came through. She boot camped my butt all over that exercise room. Now that I have accomplished the second task, I am tired but I feel good for completing it. To top it off, I even had a healthy lunch – mixed vegetables, chicken and mashed potatoes and water, wow.

Tomorrow will be the test to see how sore I am. Of course by now the battle is raging on within my brain as I am being asked if I have just lost my natural mind and what made me want to go through this torture again. I am well aware of the answer, simply because it is time I get completely healthy since I am not getting any younger. The other answer is purely for fun reasons, I want to do some type of photo shoot, ahem, in the nude! We’ll see if I finally get to that goal. Wish me luck.



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