>The Secret

>I have just finished my first semester of online web design and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I learned a lot and I definately intend to continue. Of course for reasons beyond my control, I now have to delay a semester and restart in the fall. I am not worried though because I strongly believe that web/graphic design is what I want to do as a business albeit part time. I just have to now get my hands on a 17″ Macbook Pro with all the bells, whistles and acutrements and oooohhhh, I soooo cannot wait.

I am still on the fitness bandwagon but I still keep falling off but like a trouper I get up, brush myself off and hop right back on the bandwagon. Thank goodness my falling off is not for long periods so I don’t have too much trouble getting back on. I have kept my meals constant though and I am steadily improving in that area. I know I have lost some weight but since I don’t weigh myself on a regular basis, I can only go by the clothes in my closet so that’s how I know about my weight loss. Not to worry because I am aiming for August 19th with some form of weight loss which I know I’ll be happy with since it is in direct relation to how hard I have worked.

So I am back fresh from a self imposed mini vacation, three days plus the weekend, five days total. I do feel refreshed and I will definately make this a ritual of some sort. On thursday, I watched Oprah because she was talking about a book called The Secret. This is about the third time I am hearing about this so I just had to investigate. Well, unbeknownst to me, I have been using the secret just not as often as I should. Yes I have been fortunate to get whatever it is I was after at the time by using the secret. However, this is not new because this secret reminds me of The Celestine Prophecy as it is the same philosophy. Anyway, I went to the library on Friday and checked out The Secret and I am already half way into it. It is time I get back to the business of me and my happiness. Doing for others is always great and fulfilling but doing for yourself is even better because you feel a true sense of accomplishment and relief. I have added a link to The Secret website for you to check out and make up your own mind about your life. I will keep you up to date on what happens on my quest to implement The Secret in my life.



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