>My Fitness Blitz

>So last week I decided to join a few ladies at work who have embarked on a quest to lose 20lbs by August 19. Not sure why August 19th is the date but I will go with that. While that is good and would indeed be wonderful for me, I am doing it because it is time to kick this butt of mine into fitness gear. The blitz goes like this: On monday, wednesday and friday we work out once a day usually early morning like 6am then on tuesdays and thursdays we work out twice a day once in the morning at 6am then again at noon. There is a trainer who take us through the paces and let me tell you she is tough. Right now I am feeling pain in places that I never dreamed I could feel pain.

The hardest part of all this is actually getting out of bed at 5am. Of course we ladies have a system that we all text each other to get up in the morning. Some mornings I am tempted to not answer my text and to just simply turn off my phone but I know that the person who is texting me will just simply call me on the house phone and that I don’t want since it will wake everyone up. Knowing me I won’t remember anyway to turn off all the ringers at night before I go to bed and I also know that deep down, waaaay down inside, I need to do this for me.

So to inspire me further, I have dug deep in the farthers corners of the back of my closet and found this one size 14 dress that I have not worn in quite some time. Surprise, surprise Monday morning I tried on the dress and it did fit and yes I can breathe but there are still some lumps and bumps to work on. I know it was waay too early to try on the dress but it makes me feel as if I am making progress albeit small progress.

I am at least thrilled with the progress I am making though because I keep thinking, if I can do this in just one week imagine how much sooner I can actually get to my goal? Right now though, all I know is that I am in pain because it is hard for me to walk after sitting for a while and even though I am feeling this way, I must still continue so that I can reach my goal. What are my goals? They are:
1. to finally once and for all get off the blood pressure medication I am on
2. to finally get back down to a decent size
3. to fit into a bikini swimsuit and actually wear it to the beach with no cover up
4. to find an abdominal pack of some sort whether it is a six-pack or a one-pack
5. to maintain physical fitness
6. to do whatever it takes to not put myself through this torture again once I get to the weight I am comfortable with.

After all I am 5ft 5ins. and should not be weighing as much as I do now. So I have work to do don’t I? Alright, alright stop with the agreeing and head shaking you’re making me ill I tell you. I don’t think that my goals are too much to bear but time is the storyteller of all things and I will just take it one day at a time. I didn’t put this weight on in one day so it will take time to come off just as it took time to put on. I will keep you up-to-date on my agony, er progress, so wish me luck. (groan!)



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