>Fitness Revved Up!

>Yeah, I started masters swimming on Monday of this week (7/14/08) and so far it is great. The coach seems very knowledgeable about the sport and is very encouraging. Right now he says that since I just started he is giving me a break to get used to swimming but only for a month and in that time I need to build up to swimming 24 laps of the pool without stopping. Of course after this first month then the training really gets tough.

I have to tell you, at this point I am not looking forward to tougher swim training. On the bright side though I met two other ladies at the pool which is nice since we all swim together. One of the ladies just started with me also but the other one has been there for a year and let me tell you it shows. The coach says that when she started she was just as out of shape as we are. Not sure if that is inspiration enough but at this point I’ll take whatever I can get.

So far he has been kind in stopping me early so I only swim for half hour tops but once this month is over then I will be there for the entire hour and that is when the workouts get tougher. On the bright side though, I have already been working out with the ladies at work and the trainer at work is tough anyway. I mean she got me to run! Me who don’t even run for the bus because it is just too much. Today surprise, surprise, I was able to run a mile straight without stopping and I accomplished this after only working out a little over a month. I will definately try to keep this pace though I still have not found my love of running but I have noticed a change in how my clothing fits me. No swim training on Wednesday’s but after work tomorrow, its on!



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