>Yeah Me!

>This morning the group of ladies that I work out with at my job all weighed in and low and behold I lost another 2lbs! This means that in total I have lost 8lbs which brings me to 206lbs, yeah me!!!

I was so thrilled that I went out and ran 2 1/2 miles straight, without stopping, whew! That was definately hard but I am so proud of myself because it shows that I can finally do it. I have been working towards it for a long time so I am thrilled to just finally be able to get there.

I am realising that weight DOES play an integral part in how your body feels (and looks). I mean, I used to have constant back pain, sometimes severe, and I was developing knee pain and let me tell you that since I have been working out, I have significantly lowered my back and knee pain trememdously and all just by watching what I eat and incorporating strength exercises for all the achy body parts. I am also still swimming 4 times a week hence my quick weight loss – 3 lbs last week and 2 lbbs this week.

The torture, er exercise plan continues and I am marching on!



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