>Fitness Blitz Continued!

>so the last time I blogged I was down to 206lbs. but the week of July 30th I weighed in and went back up one pound and I did not let that phaze me one bit since I told myself that it was all muscle. Yes that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it. Anyway last week I weighed in and was back down two pounds to 205lbs.

Swimming was on hiatus for one week due to vacations but resumes back today and since I have been having withdrawal symptoms what with the Olympic swimming and all, it is high time for me to get back into the pool. Watching the Olympic swimming has motivated me to be the best swimmer that I can be and I know that requires sincere hard work and dedication. I don’t have the luxury that these olympic swimmers have since I have a full time job but I sure am going to do my very best. I have gone past the need for simple weight loss, it has now become about my overall health and lifestyle change.

Even my other half has joined the fitness fun! He has begun to work out at home and have stepped up his healthy eating. He has even vowed to join me for the early morning (6 am) work outs. I find that when I am away from the track I have the urge to run but when it is time to actually do it, I am still fussing. I find that the first lap is the hardest, by the second lap things seem to be getting better, by the third lap I am feeling ok, by the fourth lap I feel like I am dying and by the fifth lap I have had enough. I wonder if that is how you are supposed to feel before you really appreciate running? Everyone who knows me knows that I am still trying to find my love of running. Don’t get me wrong, I totally appreciate running since I know the benefits that I am receiving from it which is especially noticeable when I am swimming. Other than that I just don’t know.


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