What I know for sure – part 2

>So in the spirit of jubilation and all the fun stuff that comes along with christmas and new year celebrations, here is some of what I know for sure:

1. Everyday I awake, I am still happy to be married to the man I love and who loves
me dearly
2. I will continue to try to write that great novel that I can see looming out there
in front of me
3. I appreciate all the perks that come with my marriage
4. I am thankful for all the people and things in my life
5. I am thankful for the year I have had even with all its ups and downs because
going through it all made me more aware of my strength
6. I totally appreciate the woman I have become and look forward to being the kind of
wife I know I can be
7. All the love and laughter that continues to come my way
8. I am thankful for all my blessings be they large or small
9. That next year will be a better year for everyone and their ability to take care
of themselves and their families
10. I am more appreciative of christmas and new year and the joy of anticipating all
the good things to come
11. My mother is proud of me for the way I have continued to live my life and
that I finally got married especially since she gave us her blessing before she
departed this earth
12. I continue to look back on all the lessons my mother taught me and will continue
use them everyday
13. I miss my mother dearly and would love the chance to speak to her or just even
hear her voice again

I know that reading this some of you will say that I am delusional and while that may be so, there is nothing wrong with dreaming, praying and hoping for the very best.

As a newlywed, I eagerly look forward to all the joys and sorrows that make up a marriage and since I have been with hubby for the better part of nine years before we got married, I am more aware of some of the pitfalls that can lie ahead. Optimistically I say, bring it on cause after the years I have had there is not much that I cannot handle plus I revel in the challenge.



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