>Recently, I applied and was accepted to Wilkes University Creative Writing Program. This is a low residency program which means that while majority of the lessons are done online, I do have to physically go to the school for one week in January and June. My first term begins in June of this year.

I was bubbling with excitement when I received the news and though the excitement is still there, I feel I am being somewhat overtaken with fear. Fear because I know that I must get good grades to be accepted for the next level. Writing has always been my thing and though I enjoy it immensely, I am sometimes plagued with crippling doubt of my abilities to shine. I have almost completed my before-class assignment of reading three (3) books and making necessary notes in my analysis of them.

I have been primarily taught British English, yes the very way british people speak english and I am quite famous for standing my ground whenever it comes to writing English. I once had a row with a graduate student teacher who insisted that I write “Between you and me” instead of “Between you and I” to the point that he promised to fail me if I did not give in. Well you can just imagine that I saw all manner of red and blotches of intense black whenever he taught the class so much so that I couldn’t help but request a conference with the course Professor. Needless to say the professor was none too pleased but he assisted me in the best way. I never understood why American English teachers have such a problem with british english! Ah, the fight goes on as I have decided to write in the verse that I was taught and thats that!

My sister had asked me to tutor her in Math, algebra to be exact and for her final exam she passed with flying colors, she got a 90% which brought her final grade for the course to a C. I am so proud of her and myself, especially since tutoring her made me realise how much I do know about the subject and why it was good that I paid attention in school. Next she has asked me to tutor her in English and I am definately looking forward to this one [cause it is the very reason why I am going back to school]. I will do all I can to make sure she aces this course as well.

So, I am off to getting my act together so that when the time comes for me to board that plane to Wilkes, I am ready. Wish me luck!



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