For weeks now I have been fighting what I though was a series of monster migraine headaches which affected me so badly that I went to the emergency room on one occasion to try to get some relief. I have always had migraines as a child but unbeknownst to me it was something more serious, it was tonsilitis. Say what?! How in the heck did I get that!

It comes as no surprise that I would be inflicted with this airborne bacteria because now-a-days employees are afraid to take time off from work when they are sick, to rest and recuperate. WHEN YOU ARE SICK, IT IS YOUR BODY’S WAY OF TELLING YOU THAT YOU NEED TO REST AND RECHARGE. When will we learn that we cannot continue to run on empty? We must learn to replenish our bodies often and if that means taking time off from work to rest and get well from all forms of the cold and flu, then so be it. Do we not realise that if we were to die at this very moment, our employer will just fill our seats with the next able bodied human? So why do we willingly draw ourselves closer to our impending demise? In time we will be no more, but until then, it is absolutely necessary that we take care of ourselves and that does mean resting at home when we are sick.

At this point I am truly annoyed and pissed that people do not realise or even care that some germs and bacteria are carried through the air so when they infect your space by coughing, speaking and even laughing, it is downright unfair to the person who does all that they can to stay healthy. Yes when you cough, speak and even laugh your DNA and germs do escape into the air and land somewhere and that landing is most often on the person that your are speaking with or even the surfaces that other people must come in contact with.

Today I started a ten day antibiotic regime because my right tonsil is extremely swollen and filled with pus which is why the entire right side of my head, face and neck has been torturing me. I took my first antibiotic tablet at 2:30pm today along with two advil tablets and I am already feeling much better. This is the second time I have had to go to the doctor only to find out that I came in contact with dangerous airborne germs that were being spread at work because no one wants to stay home when they are sick. Do we not know that it doesn’t make sense to punish ourselves unnecessrily? People, there are ways to know when you are too sick to work! Do the rest of us a favour and figure it out before you actually kill someone with your germs!



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