Foundations Classes

Foundation class will officially start tomorrow and I am a bundle of nerves. I am excited, nervous, scared all at the same time and definately keep holding myself back from running in the other direction. Last night we watched PUSH (reminds me of JUMPER) and it got my creative juices flowing so much so that I had no choice but to sit and write a paragraph of what was in my head. I do like what I have written and hope to expand on it as much as possible but some serious think time is in order to get this one off the ground properly.Oh I foresee this one being a whole lot of fun.

Back to Foundation classes. My two classes are Fiction and Screenwriting and between both classes, there are seven (7) books that I will be using. You read it right, I said seven (7). Yesterday, because I was so eager and on pins and needles, I nosed around webct and found the Fiction class syllabus and schedule was available early and printed it all. When it was finished printing, eighty-seven (87) pages of syllabus smiled menacingly back at me while I stared at it in horror, with wide bulging eyes and my mouth wide open. I still can’t believe it, eighty-seven (87) pages, whew! Panic began to set in but I tried to tell myself that I will get a head start on Saturday by reading and completing at least the first two assignments.

The Screenwriting syllabus and schedule won’t be available until Sunday but I will check webct all day just in case my teachers decide to post it early. I figure if I keep ahead of the classes, then I shouldn’t run into too much trouble and I will dedicate my weekends to completing all the work I never got to fully complete during the week and to move ahead to the next chapter. I will do my best to stick to this schedule hoping that life doesn’t get too much in the way.

All in all, I am very eager to begin my classes. I pray that my brain computes everything being taught and that I am able to write awesome stories that will lead to a series of novels and even a screenplay for a movie or television show. Wish me luck and keep me in your prayers.



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