First semester close

courtesy of deposit photos

Well my first semester of grad school is finally coming to a close soon but not without it’s own kind of pressure. Not only do I have to write stories and screenplays, but I also have to make sure that everything is written to the utmost best of my abilities so I can keep up my current 4.0 gpa.

It has been a frustrating, time consuming, life overtaking, exhilarating ride that for the most part I enjoyed.  There were a few times I wanted to just up and quit but since I’ve always loved writing and want to learn all I can , well quitting wasn’t ever a real option.

So far I have surprised myself quite a lot with the types of stories and analysis I’ve been able to write. I’m eager to start the second semester in January 2010. I’ll have the opportunity then to specialize my writing and hopefully get to write a complete novel. This new semester promises to be fun. Well, gotta get some sleep, see you later.


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