Difficulties of being Healthy

For some time now my weight have been fluctuating and not in a good way since each time I visit the doctor, she seems to write more prescriptions for me. Of course the only pills I will take are the blood pressure & water pills.

I know she means well but I hate pills. The only reason I take these is because they help keep my heart from racing all over the place and also keep the related headaches at bay. I have also added vitamins to my daily regime but I have been slacking on taking those as well.

When the doctor said I coul get off the pills once and for all I perked up, I wanted to hear this and then she dropped the shell. I have to lose minimum 50lbs before she will even consider lowering the pill dosage and when I have reached my goal weight of 135lbs then she will take me off the pills via the step down system. Well that doesn’t sound so hard right? All I have to do is follow her eating advice which is to use the size of my fist as my food borometer, cut back severly on the amount of fruits I consume to 3 servings daily, limit my liquid intake to at least 8-10 glasses daily and of course incorporate workouts as well and in time my body should acclimate itself to the new implemented rules and comply. But the problem is I now weigh (by doc’s scale) 207lbs. Which means I have to lose 72lbs total. I know that just mean I have to get off my ass and go back to doing what I was before I lapsed and cause my own downfall but eating healthy is expensive! Yeah, yeah I know it’s either I just do it or risk the consequences and who know how viscious that may get. Drat! I wish there was an easier way to accomplish this.


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