End of first semester

Since December 2nd, I have been enjoying my time off from 6 mths of constant grad school classes where I write at least a story, screenplay or some form of analysis on a daily basis.

Surprisingly the most grueling part of the semester came at the end when I had to not only re-do one assignment 4 times, but had to turn in 2 seperate portfolios of stories & screenplays etc, with each portfolio being no more than 25 pgs long and must include a 10-pg story or screenplay that I’ve been working on since the semester began. Plus it all had to be submitted to the professor by December 1st! Of course with the natural order of things being what they are, I was in full on panic mode and never rested until I completed both projects.

But my hard work was not for nought because I received both reports back and did very well in both classes. To say that I am elated is beyond what I can fully explain without sounding long winded but I am utterly pleased with my results.

Now I have started to read all the books I had to put aside during the semester and I have once again re-connected with my love of the written word. I know that this will help me in the upcoming semester and it’s enjoyable to boot. Other than that & some research and much needed r & r, I look forward to my one year wedding anniversary this friday December 11th and the long awaited Christmas holidays. The first week of January is when the grind begins again. Though I look forward to the new semester and all it brings, I also dread it for all the new road blocks it will present. But hey, nothing worthwhile is ever gotten easily.


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