Happy New Year, 2010 is here!

Today is the first day of a wondrous new year that is filled with all sorts if things for us to discover and conquer.

My resolution is to continue to love my husband and my dogs, to work hard at my marriage and to continue to seek God’s favor.

My next door neighbor has passed away but I am not unhappy because I know he has been called home to rest. He wil surely be missed, for that I am sad.

In a few days I will be off to grad school residency where I will spend ten wonderful, strenous, mind boggling but fantastic days in the company of like minded individuals who share the same common goals. I am really looking forward to it all.

I am thankful my entire family and I were able to live out 2009 and see the new year begin. For all those we have lost we will remember them and be thankful for the lives they have led that has helped to enrich ours.


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