Happy birthday to me

© 2011 Chelle Ang. All rights reserved.

I celebrated my birthday on the 29th and besides receiving an unexpected but fantastic gift along with all the wonderful well wishes, the best gift waited for me at home. Not only did my wonderful husband prepare a fantastic evening that included a dinner that took me back in time, there was a good movie to boot. However the absolute best was the card, flowers & cake (see pics). The colors of the flowers were reminiscent of our wedding colors! What could be better than that! The whole month of January was filled with the most fun & frolicking I’ve had & done in a really long time.

Even though I went to grad residency in Wilkes-Barre it was thrilling especially since I got to renew my relationship with snow (which I now love) but I spent the best 10 days with fellow writers. It was an inspiring & enthralling time. I look forward to getting to as close to a completed draft of my novel as I can and definately being with them all again in June.

I’ve decided that this year will be a full year of celebration for me just because it is time to really embrace & enjoy all that life has bestowed on me thus far & to openly accept all that is to come.

Hope your year will be filled with happiness & joy.


One response to “Happy birthday to me

  1. What a great guy! Happy (Belated) Birthday, Michelle. ;D

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