My Latest Book Purchases

After receiving my Master of Arts in Creative Writing last semester Winter 2010 and now studying for a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, I’ve found that I rarely have time to read for pleasure. But that hasn’t stopped me from going to the bookstore and purchasing books I keep telling myself I’ll read someday. And though my bookshelves look full, they aren’t quite over-flowing as yet so it’s still safe. Where possible, I’ve added the author’s website for you to surf at your leisure. The gems I’ve purchased thus far are:

1. The Unremembered by Peter Oruillian (

2. Fury of the Phoenix by Cindy Pon (

3. Song of Ice and Fire – all four books by George R.R. Martin (

4. Desert of Souls by Howard A. Jones (

5. Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali

6. Eona by Alison Goodman (

7. I am Number Four by Pittacus Lore (aka James Frey & Jobie Hughes)

8. Shadow Princess by Indu Sundanesan (

9. Of Truth and Beasts by Barb & JC Hendee (

And yet, I’m still awaiting the publication of these books, though I know the authors are feverishly writing at the moment:

1. Prophecy: The Dragon King Chronicles by Ellen Oh (

2. The Dragon and The Pearl by Jeannie Lin (

3. Unnatural Issue by Mercedes Lackey (


One response to “My Latest Book Purchases

  1. An interesting list! Do share later what you think about the Indu Sundaresan book. I’ve seen books by that author in the bookstore and not bought any, because I’m not sure yet if they’re enjoyable reads.

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