Is Free Will really FREE?

What would you do if you found out your free will to make any choice you want is suddenly not free? Would you stand and fight or run and hide? The Adjustment Bureau asks and answers the very same questions with the actions of the lead characters, David Norris (Matt Damon) and Elise (Emily Blunt).

Based on the short story Adjustment Theme written by the late Philip K. Dick, The Adjustment Bureau, written, produced, and directed by George Nolfi, poses the very same question. David Norris is a young, brash politician who makes no bones about working hard and campaigning his way to the top. But on a down streak, where he’s lost a very important election and must give a concession speech, he wonders if all he’s worked towards really amounts to this moment of defeat. He finds a private room, albeit the men’s room, to come to terms with the loss and prepare his final speech. Never in his wildest imagination did he know that he’d come face to face with his true love.

David and Elise’s first meeting set off fireworks and the two fall madly in love – at first sight. Yes it can and does happen, this is not a far fetched synopsis. Check your cynicism at the door if you ever hope to truly understand this movie is more than a love story. At the tale’s very core is the question begging to be answered–Is it fate or free will that guides your choice and decisions in life? You decide.

Indeed The Adjustment Bureau is a group that believes they have all the answers to life’s little unanswered questions. However, there are tiers of knowledge inside this organization that don’t allow full information access to every employee. Workers in this agency are required to carry out assignments without question and must do all they can to complete them. But if there are any unnatural ripples in the plan, the risk is multiplied to the Nth degree and at all cost must be contained or in their case ‘adjusted.’

At first I wrinkled my nose at the title of this movie because I thought it was yet another shoot ’em up kind of flick we’ve seen for decades. Needless to say I was wrong and more than pleasantly surprised by this film’s simple but powerful message: Will you fight for the right to make your own choices? How far are you willing to go to preserve your free will? or Will you just settle and accept what fate has given you?

A modern story centered around love and politics with a little magic thrown in, The Adjustment Bureau is a must see movie


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