The Djinn’s Dilemma

By no means will I call myself an avid romance reader. I’ve shied away from this genre since my high school days. Yes, it’s a long story, one I won’t take the time to get into. Let’s just say that my introduction to the romance genre continues with another wonderful find.

From Harlequin Nocturne Cravings debut author Mina Khan, comes The Djinn’s Dilemma, an erotic paranormal romance set in today’s world. This novella combines elements of fantasy, mystery, and suspense to create an exotic, feel-good story that’s imaginative, and well written.

This is the story of a no nonsense journalist who won’t shy away from the seedy side of her craft and a sexy djinn who can melt hearts and much more.

Main characters Sarah and Rukh, a half-djinn assassin and half-human, are from completely different worlds. But when their paths cross, a smitten Rukh is left to sort out his assignment and his feelings for his prey, while Sarah wonders just where Rukh has been all her life.

Eventually, the threat against Sarah heightens, and with more than just another devious djinn on her trail, she fights to bring the truth to light.

This fun, face-paced novella is filled with danger, magic, and sexy eroticism that left me both breathless and on the edge of my seat. It was hard to take my time reading, but I made myself do it for two whole days. I tried to make it last but kept turning the pages. I thoroughly enjoyed the story and was sorry to see it end. Now I’m eager for a sequel as well as an in-depth story about the mysterious and seductive Rukh.

So, if you’re looking for romance with a twist, look no further than Mina Khan’s The Djinn’s Dilemma, available in e-book format as of November 1st, 2011, and also check out the tastefully done book trailer at You’ll be glad you did. Oh, and after you’ve read this wonderful story, come back and leave your comments.


One response to “The Djinn’s Dilemma

  1. I’m so glad you enjoyed The Djinn’s Dilemma! And thank you for sharing your thoughts on Rukh & Sarah’s story. Knowing that a story I loved writing connected with a reader is the best satisfaction for this writer 🙂

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