Giving Thanks

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I’m sure I wasn’t the only one taught by my parent to give thanks for the smallest of things life has given me. We often say grace at the table for the food and the nourishment we’ll get from it, prayers before we go to bed for a restful night’s slumber, and even prayers before we get out of bed for renewed life and the beautiful day ahead.

But how many of us give thanks as a daily part of our lives for the people around us and life in general? I can attest to the power of prayer because I’ve been on the receiving end of great miracles.  My daily ritual of making time to reflect on the things I’m most thankful for has helped me to weather many a storm.

So, as the Thanksgiving holiday draws near, I want to share with you, dear readers, some of the things for which I’m most thankful.

* The chance at renewed life each day I open my eyes

* Health and strength

* My strong marriage and our incredible love (believe me we work at it every day)

* Yuki and Kaia (our lovely Maltese dogs, whose unconditional love helps to sustain me)

* Hubby’s health (it’s been a long, bumpy ride and we’re not out of the woods yet)

* A sturdy roof over our heads

* Being able to read and surround myself with good books

* The chance to follow my dreams and indulge in my passions (music, writing, and photography)

* The drive to continue learning

* Paying jobs

* Driving to and from work each day

* Wonderful teachers, mentors, friends and family

* Completion of my first novel

* Enough ideas for a second novel and a separate series

* All the men and women who selflessly sacrifice themselves and fight to keep the world I live in safe and free

Now that you know what I’m thankful for, what are you thankful for?


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