Commercialism & Greed

 It is preoccupation with possessions, more than anything else, that prevents us from living freely and nobly. ~~Thoreau

I can’t say I’m the least bit surprised at the lack of holiday spirit that has been permeating the United States of America for sometime now. But I’m appalled we have allowed blatant commercialism and greed to push us way over the edge. The line of demarcation for me came when the powers that be at Target stores decided to open their doors for business at 9:00pm on Thanksgiving night. Really?

I am almost certain those who have the cojones to make this ridiculous decision will be at home with their families for the ENTIRE Thanksgiving Day and night. Have retailers become so inconsiderate that they must be the first ones to rake in the cash any way they can?  Have the need for commercialism and greed far surpassed caring for our fellow man? When and where do WE draw the line?

I know jobs are scarce and everyone who has one wants to hang on to it for dear life. But is this the price we are willing to pay?

Some of us already work such ridiculous hours that when we do have a minute of free time, we spread ourselves thin. Between all the stuff needing to be taken care of and our families, when do we really have time to take care of ourselves? We need to ask ourselves, when will the price get too high? When will enough be simply enough?

Of course there are some who don’t care about family time and would give anything not to have to be in the same room with family members. Yet, there are others who cherish the time spent with loved ones and look forward to this special day to spend with family members we rarely see.

No one and I mean NO ONE, needs to shop on Thanksgiving Day. What is so flipping necessary that you can’t wait until midnight to buy? Is shopping really that serious? Gimme a break.


One response to “Commercialism & Greed

  1. Couldn’t agree more with most of this – the sad exception being that I am currently looking for a job. I haven’t left my old one yet, but boy, am I tempted! That said, I’d love to get rid of many of my belongings and move into a smaller home. I need a place that doesn’t demand so much of me that I have to stay in an abusive work situation because I can’t sell my home. I wonder how many are in my situation? I would happily live a much simpler life if I could get away from the abuse.

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