2013 Resolutions and Good News

My dearest readers:

Happy New Year!! This is the Year of the Snake. Yes, I know, I’m ten days late with this post. Not the way I’d hoped to start off the New Year and my return to writing. You see, in June 2012, hubby received a terrible health diagnosis – the big C. Since then my writing has been incapacitated, I’ve gained weight and desperately tried to keep both of us from diving headlong into severe depression. The last six months of 2012 was sheer torture, what with constant doctor and hospital visits, not to mention two surgeries and now chemo. We know that nothing is ever done before the Almighty Father is ready which can be a hard brew for humans to swallow since we go through our everyday lives sometimes at breakneck speed. It took a while but eventually I’ve learned to be calm, really pay close attention to the minor details, and all the while figure out how to keep my husband away from the edge. It’s been exceedingly rough but we keep praying and hoping and researching and leave the hard part to the Almighty.

You’d have thought that something this devastating would render me hopeless but I’m not that kind of person. If anything, I’m a fighter. Since I was unable to write a single word of fiction, I gave in to my voracious reading habit, did research on novel ideas, and journaled sporadically. Yes there were times when I considered shutting my pen in its case for good and covering up my computer. Who was I kidding, I can’t write now, not with so much uncertainty. But I’m stubborn and refused to give up or give in. I kept reading, researching, and journaling anytime and anywhere, and guess what? It worked! I don’t know exactly when it happened, but one day I found that I’d gotten my writing mojo back. And then, as if the stars aligned, I received a wonderful email that surprisingly left me shaken, excited and terrified (more on this later). So what did I do, I took the time to carefully decide what I wanted to accomplish in 2013. I’ve made tentative resolutions with the understanding that everything is changeable simply because I can’t foresee the future and there’s no need to beat myself up over it.

My tentative 2013 resolutions are:

1. To keep prayer in the forefront of our lives
2. To make sure my husband continues to get the help he needs
3. To continue to read as many books as I can so that it can inform my writing
4. To seek publication
5. To complete the sequel to my first novel
6. To continue writing many more fascinating, moving, and intriguing novels that’ll find publishing success
7. To embrace the things I cannot change at the moment like my day job
8. To find a better way to lose the weight and get healthy once and for all because my own health depends on it

So far I’ve accomplished four out of eight but as it’s a work in progress, I’m not really worried that I won’t accomplish it all.

Now on to the good news, the wonderful email that surprisingly left me shaken, excited and terrified. There is a publisher that is interested in publishing my first completed novel BLOOD AND HONOR as an e-book. What? Is this for real? Is he sure he’s talking about my novel? Check, check, and check! I discussed this with hubby and like he often does, he put all my fears to rest with one simple statement and a question – Isn’t this why I went to school, received two Master’s degrees and exactly the thing I’ve been working for for so long? What am I so afraid of?

Hubby has always been able to stop me in my tracks with simple words and statements that have somehow bypassed my train of thought. For three or four days I pondered his question and of course like the mind sometimes does, I found all the reasons why this was a bad idea and in essence talked myself out of the opportunity. Still the publisher awaited my answer. Again, I discussed my reasons with hubby and by the time I finished pouring my angst out, he swept them all away in one fell swoop. This is why you are not the publisher. You can’t see what he sees. It’s a good opportunity, don’t blow it, he said.

I’ve since sent my manuscript to the publisher and now the waiting begins as he sifts through it all and eventually gets back to me with any final changes. I’ve seen the gorgeous book cover and oh boy am I excited and nervous. In the coming weeks and as things progress, I’ll be putting together all the information I’m allowed to reveal to you, dear readers. So stay tuned to my blog and follow me on twitter @chelleang23.

Keep the faith.



2 responses to “2013 Resolutions and Good News

  1. Well, I’m a tad late, but all I can say is ‘fighting’! Here’s to a better year for both you and your hubby with a good healing and quick recovery. =)


  2. Man, what a topsy-turvy world we live in! Thank God for your faith, your persistence and I will ad your husband’s health to my prayer list. God bless you both in 2013. BTW, a cousin of ours had a child diagnosed with brain cancer. Chances of survival were practically nil. His parents got on the Facebook prayer wagon – there are people across America praying for this baby. He’s halfway through his radiation treatment treatment now and getting stronger every day. I have another writer friend who was told after years of treatment that she couldn’t have any more. It was time to put her affairs in order. She tried an alternative treatment – nothing left to lose, and an enormous amount of faith, why not? (Vitamin B-17 is in trials in Europe for treatment of cancer and is getting promising results, but the FDA doesn’t trial vitamins.) My friend is now completely cancer free. She was also in stage 4. With God’s help, all things are possible.
    But you knew that, didn’t you? 🙂 Blessings!

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