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Friday, December 11th, 2009

The saying is true – time does fly when you’re having fun – and it is even more true in my case because I am talking about my one year wedding anniversary. It has been a year filled with lots … Continue reading


End of first semester

Since December 2nd, I have been enjoying my time off from 6 mths of constant grad school classes where I write at least a story, screenplay or some form of analysis on a daily basis. Surprisingly the most grueling part … Continue reading


True Blood

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I got hooked on the new HBO series True Blood from the very beginning and let me just say WOW!! This series is getting better and better. The series creator Alan Ball is a master. He has really transformed Charlaine … Continue reading


For weeks now I have been fighting what I though was a series of monster migraine headaches which affected me so badly that I went to the emergency room on one occasion to try to get some relief. I have always had migraines as a child but unbeknownst to me it was something more serious, it was tonsilitis. Say what?! How in the heck did I get that!

It comes as no surprise that I would be inflicted with this airborne bacteria because now-a-days employees are afraid to take time off from work when they are sick, to rest and recuperate. WHEN YOU ARE SICK, IT IS YOUR BODY’S WAY OF TELLING YOU THAT YOU NEED TO REST AND RECHARGE. When will we learn that we cannot continue to run on empty? We must learn to replenish our bodies often and if that means taking time off from work to rest and get well from all forms of the cold and flu, then so be it. Do we not realise that if we were to die at this very moment, our employer will just fill our seats with the next able bodied human? So why do we willingly draw ourselves closer to our impending demise? In time we will be no more, but until then, it is absolutely necessary that we take care of ourselves and that does mean resting at home when we are sick.

At this point I am truly annoyed and pissed that people do not realise or even care that some germs and bacteria are carried through the air so when they infect your space by coughing, speaking and even laughing, it is downright unfair to the person who does all that they can to stay healthy. Yes when you cough, speak and even laugh your DNA and germs do escape into the air and land somewhere and that landing is most often on the person that your are speaking with or even the surfaces that other people must come in contact with.

Today I started a ten day antibiotic regime because my right tonsil is extremely swollen and filled with pus which is why the entire right side of my head, face and neck has been torturing me. I took my first antibiotic tablet at 2:30pm today along with two advil tablets and I am already feeling much better. This is the second time I have had to go to the doctor only to find out that I came in contact with dangerous airborne germs that were being spread at work because no one wants to stay home when they are sick. Do we not know that it doesn’t make sense to punish ourselves unnecessrily? People, there are ways to know when you are too sick to work! Do the rest of us a favour and figure it out before you actually kill someone with your germs!


Happy Birthday!

> Yesterday marked Kaya’s 5th birthday and her first year with her new family. My how she has grown and blossomed into a calm, loving, playful and bossy animal. She can usually be found bossing Yuki around or barking furiously at passersby letting them know that if they want to pass again they should seek permission. The picture above, to the left, is what she looks like today and this picture, below, is what she looked liked when I first brought her home. What a difference a year makes!

I remember when I brought her home how she ran to greet Yuki as if she missed him. They met the day before at the local Humane Society and immediately clicked and are still the best of friends and protectors of each other today. I had to teach Kaya how to walk on grass, concrete, go potty outside and in general learn to go for walks outside with Yuki. Each time I did something with or for Yuki, I made sure she was involved. My husband fell in love with her the moment he saw her so she is in essence his dog and Yuki is mine but we don’t make line of demarcation claims on the dogs, they just belong to both of us period. I love her like I love Yuki and each day I am thankful that it was I who adopted her.

Kaya has become accustomed to a life of luxury and being spoiled. We cook all their meals since she will not eat dry kibble and oh boy have I tried all the brands out there. The only one she liked was Innova Evo but only for a while. I find that cooking for them is easier and cheaper since they get boiled chicken, rice, peas and carrots all mixed together for their daily meals. I bought a cookbook for dogs and made baked beef treats for them which they love. Since Yuki is allergic to corn, it makes him itch, I decided that by cooking for them, I am better able to monitor what goes into their meals and into their bodies. I get peace of mind and satisfaction that my dogs are healthy and happy. Kaya is a wonderful addition to our household but she is still afraid of lightning, then again, who isn’t!


>Recently, I applied and was accepted to Wilkes University Creative Writing Program. This is a low residency program which means that while majority of the lessons are done online, I do have to physically go to the school for one week in January and June. My first term begins in June of this year.

I was bubbling with excitement when I received the news and though the excitement is still there, I feel I am being somewhat overtaken with fear. Fear because I know that I must get good grades to be accepted for the next level. Writing has always been my thing and though I enjoy it immensely, I am sometimes plagued with crippling doubt of my abilities to shine. I have almost completed my before-class assignment of reading three (3) books and making necessary notes in my analysis of them.

I have been primarily taught British English, yes the very way british people speak english and I am quite famous for standing my ground whenever it comes to writing English. I once had a row with a graduate student teacher who insisted that I write “Between you and me” instead of “Between you and I” to the point that he promised to fail me if I did not give in. Well you can just imagine that I saw all manner of red and blotches of intense black whenever he taught the class so much so that I couldn’t help but request a conference with the course Professor. Needless to say the professor was none too pleased but he assisted me in the best way. I never understood why American English teachers have such a problem with british english! Ah, the fight goes on as I have decided to write in the verse that I was taught and thats that!

My sister had asked me to tutor her in Math, algebra to be exact and for her final exam she passed with flying colors, she got a 90% which brought her final grade for the course to a C. I am so proud of her and myself, especially since tutoring her made me realise how much I do know about the subject and why it was good that I paid attention in school. Next she has asked me to tutor her in English and I am definately looking forward to this one [cause it is the very reason why I am going back to school]. I will do all I can to make sure she aces this course as well.

So, I am off to getting my act together so that when the time comes for me to board that plane to Wilkes, I am ready. Wish me luck!


What I know for sure – part 2

>So in the spirit of jubilation and all the fun stuff that comes along with christmas and new year celebrations, here is some of what I know for sure:

1. Everyday I awake, I am still happy to be married to the man I love and who loves
me dearly
2. I will continue to try to write that great novel that I can see looming out there
in front of me
3. I appreciate all the perks that come with my marriage
4. I am thankful for all the people and things in my life
5. I am thankful for the year I have had even with all its ups and downs because
going through it all made me more aware of my strength
6. I totally appreciate the woman I have become and look forward to being the kind of
wife I know I can be
7. All the love and laughter that continues to come my way
8. I am thankful for all my blessings be they large or small
9. That next year will be a better year for everyone and their ability to take care
of themselves and their families
10. I am more appreciative of christmas and new year and the joy of anticipating all
the good things to come
11. My mother is proud of me for the way I have continued to live my life and
that I finally got married especially since she gave us her blessing before she
departed this earth
12. I continue to look back on all the lessons my mother taught me and will continue
use them everyday
13. I miss my mother dearly and would love the chance to speak to her or just even
hear her voice again

I know that reading this some of you will say that I am delusional and while that may be so, there is nothing wrong with dreaming, praying and hoping for the very best.

As a newlywed, I eagerly look forward to all the joys and sorrows that make up a marriage and since I have been with hubby for the better part of nine years before we got married, I am more aware of some of the pitfalls that can lie ahead. Optimistically I say, bring it on cause after the years I have had there is not much that I cannot handle plus I revel in the challenge.