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>Yeah Me!

>This morning the group of ladies that I work out with at my job all weighed in and low and behold I lost another 2lbs! This means that in total I have lost 8lbs which brings me to 206lbs, yeah me!!!

I was so thrilled that I went out and ran 2 1/2 miles straight, without stopping, whew! That was definately hard but I am so proud of myself because it shows that I can finally do it. I have been working towards it for a long time so I am thrilled to just finally be able to get there.

I am realising that weight DOES play an integral part in how your body feels (and looks). I mean, I used to have constant back pain, sometimes severe, and I was developing knee pain and let me tell you that since I have been working out, I have significantly lowered my back and knee pain trememdously and all just by watching what I eat and incorporating strength exercises for all the achy body parts. I am also still swimming 4 times a week hence my quick weight loss – 3 lbs last week and 2 lbbs this week.

The torture, er exercise plan continues and I am marching on!


>Fitness Revved Up!

>Yeah, I started masters swimming on Monday of this week (7/14/08) and so far it is great. The coach seems very knowledgeable about the sport and is very encouraging. Right now he says that since I just started he is giving me a break to get used to swimming but only for a month and in that time I need to build up to swimming 24 laps of the pool without stopping. Of course after this first month then the training really gets tough.

I have to tell you, at this point I am not looking forward to tougher swim training. On the bright side though I met two other ladies at the pool which is nice since we all swim together. One of the ladies just started with me also but the other one has been there for a year and let me tell you it shows. The coach says that when she started she was just as out of shape as we are. Not sure if that is inspiration enough but at this point I’ll take whatever I can get.

So far he has been kind in stopping me early so I only swim for half hour tops but once this month is over then I will be there for the entire hour and that is when the workouts get tougher. On the bright side though, I have already been working out with the ladies at work and the trainer at work is tough anyway. I mean she got me to run! Me who don’t even run for the bus because it is just too much. Today surprise, surprise, I was able to run a mile straight without stopping and I accomplished this after only working out a little over a month. I will definately try to keep this pace though I still have not found my love of running but I have noticed a change in how my clothing fits me. No swim training on Wednesday’s but after work tomorrow, its on!


>Fitness Blitz Upgraded

>After watching the Olympic swimming trials in which 41 year old Dara Torres won her events, I became inspired to go back to the water. I started swimming from the age of 3 and was even on my high school swim team. But when I reached the ages of 16 or 17 years old, I somehow began to visit the water occasionally until now it is almost non-existent. So to help me with my fitness blitz and especially since I am trying to do a lifestyle change here, I decided that if Dara can do it, then I can too and there is no longer any excuse acceptable why I can’t.

I did some research and found that the city I live in has a Master’s Swimming class that is quite reasonable at $35/month and meets 4 days a week, monday, tuesday, thursday and friday. So I decided to incorporate swimming into my fitness regime. Mind you, I am already working out twice a day monday thru thursday and once on friday. Today will be my first day back in the water so I will keep you up to date on how this added exercise is working out for me.

I was even fortunate enough to be able to get another city’s Aquatic Complex membership for free all because I have Vista insurance and am a city worker. Now if that is not the icing on the cake I don’t know what is. My city’s pool where the master’s class is held is quite small but the Aquatic membership that I acquired, that complex has 3 pools, one olympic size, one diving and one teaching ( I assume for children). Anyhoo, I am telling myself that if I feel up to working out on the weekend then the aquatic membership will definately come in handy.

Right now it is almost 4:30pm and I am feeling quite tired from working out at 6am and 12 noon today already and now I have to face working out at 7pm this evening. The one plus in this is that the workout is only an hour (just like the earlier workouts) and it will be something that I thoroughly enjoy. I am still looking forward to swimming today even though my body is screaming “no, don’t do it!” but I know that to win at the battle of weightloss, I must put on a brave face, my suit of armour and go into battle like the trouper that I am. Sigh!


>My Fitness Blitz

>So last week I decided to join a few ladies at work who have embarked on a quest to lose 20lbs by August 19. Not sure why August 19th is the date but I will go with that. While that is good and would indeed be wonderful for me, I am doing it because it is time to kick this butt of mine into fitness gear. The blitz goes like this: On monday, wednesday and friday we work out once a day usually early morning like 6am then on tuesdays and thursdays we work out twice a day once in the morning at 6am then again at noon. There is a trainer who take us through the paces and let me tell you she is tough. Right now I am feeling pain in places that I never dreamed I could feel pain.

The hardest part of all this is actually getting out of bed at 5am. Of course we ladies have a system that we all text each other to get up in the morning. Some mornings I am tempted to not answer my text and to just simply turn off my phone but I know that the person who is texting me will just simply call me on the house phone and that I don’t want since it will wake everyone up. Knowing me I won’t remember anyway to turn off all the ringers at night before I go to bed and I also know that deep down, waaaay down inside, I need to do this for me.

So to inspire me further, I have dug deep in the farthers corners of the back of my closet and found this one size 14 dress that I have not worn in quite some time. Surprise, surprise Monday morning I tried on the dress and it did fit and yes I can breathe but there are still some lumps and bumps to work on. I know it was waay too early to try on the dress but it makes me feel as if I am making progress albeit small progress.

I am at least thrilled with the progress I am making though because I keep thinking, if I can do this in just one week imagine how much sooner I can actually get to my goal? Right now though, all I know is that I am in pain because it is hard for me to walk after sitting for a while and even though I am feeling this way, I must still continue so that I can reach my goal. What are my goals? They are:
1. to finally once and for all get off the blood pressure medication I am on
2. to finally get back down to a decent size
3. to fit into a bikini swimsuit and actually wear it to the beach with no cover up
4. to find an abdominal pack of some sort whether it is a six-pack or a one-pack
5. to maintain physical fitness
6. to do whatever it takes to not put myself through this torture again once I get to the weight I am comfortable with.

After all I am 5ft 5ins. and should not be weighing as much as I do now. So I have work to do don’t I? Alright, alright stop with the agreeing and head shaking you’re making me ill I tell you. I don’t think that my goals are too much to bear but time is the storyteller of all things and I will just take it one day at a time. I didn’t put this weight on in one day so it will take time to come off just as it took time to put on. I will keep you up-to-date on my agony, er progress, so wish me luck. (groan!)


>The Secret

>I have just finished my first semester of online web design and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I learned a lot and I definately intend to continue. Of course for reasons beyond my control, I now have to delay a semester and restart in the fall. I am not worried though because I strongly believe that web/graphic design is what I want to do as a business albeit part time. I just have to now get my hands on a 17″ Macbook Pro with all the bells, whistles and acutrements and oooohhhh, I soooo cannot wait.

I am still on the fitness bandwagon but I still keep falling off but like a trouper I get up, brush myself off and hop right back on the bandwagon. Thank goodness my falling off is not for long periods so I don’t have too much trouble getting back on. I have kept my meals constant though and I am steadily improving in that area. I know I have lost some weight but since I don’t weigh myself on a regular basis, I can only go by the clothes in my closet so that’s how I know about my weight loss. Not to worry because I am aiming for August 19th with some form of weight loss which I know I’ll be happy with since it is in direct relation to how hard I have worked.

So I am back fresh from a self imposed mini vacation, three days plus the weekend, five days total. I do feel refreshed and I will definately make this a ritual of some sort. On thursday, I watched Oprah because she was talking about a book called The Secret. This is about the third time I am hearing about this so I just had to investigate. Well, unbeknownst to me, I have been using the secret just not as often as I should. Yes I have been fortunate to get whatever it is I was after at the time by using the secret. However, this is not new because this secret reminds me of The Celestine Prophecy as it is the same philosophy. Anyway, I went to the library on Friday and checked out The Secret and I am already half way into it. It is time I get back to the business of me and my happiness. Doing for others is always great and fulfilling but doing for yourself is even better because you feel a true sense of accomplishment and relief. I have added a link to The Secret website for you to check out and make up your own mind about your life. I will keep you up to date on what happens on my quest to implement The Secret in my life.


>Returning to the Fitness lifestyle

>I have been thinking long and hard about returning to the fitness lifestyle. For one reason or another I keep taking a detour once I am on the fitness track and though I know it is not the best way, I keep making excuses. So who am I kidding, right! As if I didn’t already know the answer to that one.

The first thing I did (as I always seem to do) is buy a fitness magazine. I bought SHAPE. It seemed as if each article advertised on the cover was speaking to me. The first article title I saw was FIRM UP ALL YOUR TROUBLE ZONES. Well I don’t have to say but I have one or two BIG trouble spots so that was one check in the buy magazine column. The next article title was IS YOUR OFFICE A HEALTH HAZARD? What, who told you? Where are your spies? It is as if they can read my mind from afar. Now I have to look around for the office bugs, hmmmm. Of course there was also BANISH UPPER-ARM JIGGLE, FIXES FOR STUBBORN CELLULITE, WALK OFF 10 POUNDS and the one that cinched the buy magazine deal, GET ALL-DAY ENERGY.

That first decision I realized was the easiest thing that I would ever do in this battle to get back into the fitness lifestyle and stay there. My next trial would be getting up the nerve to go workout in either the gym at work or go to the lunchtime exercise class. Well, you guessed it, I was way too tired to get up at 5am so I opted to go to the lunchtime exercise class. Of course I had to insert my foot deep in my mouth and email the teacher to ask her about a boot camp class. Well she sure came through. She boot camped my butt all over that exercise room. Now that I have accomplished the second task, I am tired but I feel good for completing it. To top it off, I even had a healthy lunch – mixed vegetables, chicken and mashed potatoes and water, wow.

Tomorrow will be the test to see how sore I am. Of course by now the battle is raging on within my brain as I am being asked if I have just lost my natural mind and what made me want to go through this torture again. I am well aware of the answer, simply because it is time I get completely healthy since I am not getting any younger. The other answer is purely for fun reasons, I want to do some type of photo shoot, ahem, in the nude! We’ll see if I finally get to that goal. Wish me luck.


>Back to School Indeed

>A decision was made for me that was different from my last post. At last press time, I had decided that I would go for it and go to the Art Institute well that didn’t go as planned. My financial aid would not have even covered one semeter and I had no way of paying for so much out of pocket so I took the road less traveled and went to Sheridan Technical. I could not have done anything better.

I am now enrolled into a full online Web Design class and once that is finished, I am planning on continuing on to the next phase and get the graphic design part as well. So far the class is going well and I am learning all that it takes to TRULY do a proper website. I know that this course is helping since I am already getting ideas for my own website once I have finished the program. I am still proud of myself because I didn’t give up when the wall was in front of me, I simply scaled the wall and continued on. Yeah me!

>Going Back to School…Will it be worth it?

>After much soul searching, pouting, child-like behaviour, some in, but mostly out of this world rationalisations and finally seeing the lightbulb turned on in the part of my brain that actually functions, I have at last decided to go back to school. Since I am a photographer, I though it was only practical that I studied something that would incorporate my photographs and I found Graphic Design. Hurray for me!(insert whistles and whoops here). As usual the researcher in me kicked in and I soon found myself on a quest to find the best school that could fit into my already hectic lifestyle (if you call taking care of one dog and a fiance hectic).

I researched all the Vocational or as they now call them Technical schools, and found that though the courses they offered are exceptional, I would have to pay for the whole kit and kaboodle out of pocket. That would not be so bad if I did not have bills that were seriously hunting me down at every turn. I also researched the Art Institute and found what I believe is a wonderful Diploma program that not only can I get financial aid to help me afford it, but the hours of the classes works with my hectic lifestyle (insert smirk here) and the entire course takes approximately one year with full-time attendance or eighteen months with part-time attendance. How nice for me.

So, today I decided to dedicate myself to one final research blast. I attended the 8:30am open house at the Technical school and took the required entrance test (yes that’s what I said and I am no spring chicken mind you) and then after finding out that all financial aid except financial aid loans were accepted there, I went to the Art Institute and completed the application process and even registered for two classes. I am so proud of myself I can’t stop patting myself on the back (might need a hot pack later). After the research blast was over, I realized that I was out of the house for almost a full eight hours. Whew!

I even found time to squeeze in a stop at the local Humane Society to see if there were any dogs I could find to be Yuki’s companion. Surprise, I found three but one is on hold for adoption by someone else. I am keeping my fingers crossed that by some lucky charm I get her because she is a maltese just like Yuki. As usual my heart was breaking as I looked into all the pleading faces of the dogs just begging to be adopted. I swear if I lived on acres of land I would adopt them all and allow them to roam free. I absolutely hate cages for dogs. Yes I know that at times it might be necessary to cage the dog but not 24 hours. I never cage Yuki and I have had no problems. I make the time for him and between hubby and I, we teach him the right way. Of course he has his disobedient moments where he feels that he should roll the tissue all over the house but we just simply give him a stern talking to and close the door to any room that we don’t want him in and believe me he gets the message. Anyhoo, now I am off for some well deserved relaxation with Yuki and we are going to watch Top Model (yes, that is what I said) :).


>Girls and Competition, do they mix?

>Like most people, I watched “America’s Next Top Model” but I was immediately taken aback by the inappropriate timing of the question Marvita asked Fatima regarding the disclosure of her traumatic childhood experience. Now let me just clarify, while I DO understand the question, I believe that a question like that, if asked, should only be asked in the privacy of a one-on-one conversation and begs to be asked in a more appropriate manner that does not come across as judgmental or scathing in any way. From watching the show, it is clear that neither Tyra nor any other members of the panel had any knowledge of the girls’ backstage shenanigans as each girl it seems, presents another side of themselves whenever they were in front of the judges.

Lately, it seems to have become the norm that whenever girls are in competitions with each other they try their hardest to hurt, insult and even sully each others reputation? Why is that? Is it that girls have become a nation of shallow, selfish and self absorbing individuals that believe that the only way to get to the top or win something is to trod as hard as they can on their opponent no matter the cost? It is high time young girls even women on a whole begin to get themselves out of the gutter and learn the art of COMPETITION. In the dictionary, the word competition means ‘a test of skill.’ For those of you who are not sure what a competitive skill is, here is a list of things that are definitely NOT competitive skills:

1. It is not a skill to see how quickly you can connive your way to the top
2. It is not a skill if you can sleep your way to the top
3. It is not a skill if you can spread hurtful or harmful rumors and lies about your opponents.

I think girls can learn a thing or two about how to have a health competition by watching how boys compete. Yes I said it! When boys are in competition with each other, they try to prove themselves based on what the competition is about they don’t try to ruin the other contestant’s reputation in any unnecessary way.

Take a look at our very own two Democratic competitors. They do what they are there to do – compete. They state their case, show what they consider to be their opponent’s weaknesses, but in the end they are civil to one another and they compete fairly.

Competition in anything is a game of matching wits. A competitor, who successfully outsmarts their opponents, wins the competition. Let us all try to outsmart our competitors fairly.


>Out of the mouth of babes

> I just picked up the new issue of Animal Welfare Institure Quarterly (Winter 2008, Vol. 58, No. 1) and opened the cover to look through and this incredible story caught my eye. I began to wonder why no one ever thought of this before. The story is entitled “Animals are Beings, Too.” There is no byline to tell who wrote the article but I spoke with Lauren at AWI and got permission to reprint the story in my blog. I have a link on the right side of my page that will take you to AWI’s own blog here on Blogger. For further information on such a wonderful organisation, you can call them at 703-836-4300 or visit their website at to learn more about their ongoing fight to save the lives of all types of animals.

Below is the story in its entirety:

“Children are naturally drawn toward animals, and non-human species
frequently steal the show in books, television programs and films targeted at
young audiences. From Wilbur the pig to the family dog, kids learn early on that
animals have feelings and emotions just like them. Sadly, traditional
classroom lessons often conflict with this natural discovery.

Recently, during a grammar lesson in his second grade class in West Hartford,
Ct., budding political activist Noah S.B. Williams spoke up to correct the
categorization of animals as “things.” Noah felt that the classification system
of “Persons, Places and Things” should be replaced by the designations of
“Beings, Places and Things.” To illustrate his point, he wrote the following

Why Animals Should Not Be Called Things

Animals should not be called things because they are beings,
not things.
Shame on the peple who call animals things.
If I could I would give the person who first called animals
things a talking-to. I would not call animals things.
Thing about this. If you loved someone, would you call them
a thing? I wish on one had ever called animals things.
Why would you call your pet a thing?
A rug or something is a thing, but not an animal. He or she
is not a thing! This is not funny, it’s all true. I would
not lie to you about this. It’s not a joke.
Do not lie to me, either.”

I am so proud of this young man for standing up for what he believes in. I am grateful for his message and will forever refer to it whenever I am speaking to anyone regarding animals. At least I am not alone in my thinking about animals. I am a dog lover but all animals have a place in my heart. I have never considered my dog to be a thing because to me he is a person. Just because he walks on all fours doesn’t make him any less. Who is to say that we aren’t the ones who are doing it wrong? Maybe just maybe humans are ‘things’ and animals are ‘people’?